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BRESSER Oculaire WF 10x/30,5 mm

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BRESSER Oculaire WF 10x/30,5 mm

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In addition to the objectives Eyepieces provide the magnifi cation of the image. If using a highly magnifying eyepiece it's necessarily to ensure a suffi cient illumination.

Compatible with:
Bresser Researcher ICD (Art.-No. 5803100)
Bresser Biorit ICD (Art.-No. 5802000)
Bresser Biorit ICD LL (Art.-No. 5802510)
Bresser Biorit ICD CS (Art.-No. 5802520)
Bresser Advance ICD (Art.-No. 5804000)

and other incident microscopes with the 30.5 mm eyepiece holder suitable. 
For a binocular microscope 2 eyepieces are necessary.